Traffic Is King! Regardless what you are promoting you need to know how to generate traffic to generate leads and more new members for your business. Without it, it is like driving a Maserati on an empty fuel tank. Here are some tips to look forward to getting leads and sales. 

Keep in mind that before you hop into these sources, make sure you get a capture page creator and an auto responder from Aweber. Learn how to use these tools and create a sales funnel of your own so you can generate a following for you to promote to. 


  • Solo Ads
  • Banner Advertising
  • Facebook and Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  • Free Marketing (Facebook Groups and Chatting with people)
  • Blogs
  • Videos (Youtube)

Make sure you have a spending budget set aside if you want to scale up your business faster. Want to play with the big boys? Put your money where your mouth is. PAID ADVERTISING.

A high-level education platform for MLM Network Marketers to turn their business into buyers and team building strategies quick!

Brand with authority and get people to ask what you do instead of you chasing people. You are now the hunted, are you ready for the hunters to start messaging you on Facebook for more strategies you have?

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Marketing Warrior since 2007. Started in Network Marketing and transitioned into the online world of Internet Marketing. Expertise in blogs, webpage builders, branding, marketing and sales funnels.