The Tool Box


This free awesome tool lets you customize your own lead capture lightbox popups easy and fast. They also have a paid upgrade to access more lightbox skins and more features. Very nice tool to have for bloggers. CLICK HERE to get Sumo Me for free. (Free + Paid)


Autoresponder: The ability to capture leads and follow up with those leads through value based information, your business opportunity, updates and more. They say "Money is in the list"... This is how you build your list. Send instant messages to your list or create an automated broadcast follow up messages. This is the #1 tool used by top income earners. CLICK HERE NOW TO GET AWEBER!


This simple drag-and-drop page editor creates stunning capture pages, sales video pages, thank you pages and more... When you simply connect your autoresponder to your capture page, you are ready to start making money with your business online. This is a must tool if you plan to make money ONLINE. Top income earners are using this tool to capture leads and building a team with it. Create your account now so you won't miss out! CLICK HERE TO GET CLICK FUNNELS!


Easy to use WordPress plugin that creates up-to-date themes and plugin options. Packed with features like the Live Visual Editor, now you can edit live and see what you are doing. Want to creates Sales Funnels? Thrive Themes provides new capture/landing pages you can create, edit and customize a funnel as you like. This blog you see is from Thrive Themes and if you are looking to brand yourself online, I recommend Thrive Themes to do the magic. CLICK HERE to build your blog today! (Paid)


People share articles all the time on social media. Whether it be real or satire fake articles. People actually click and browse. What would it be like to share high authority sites and share articles that you didn't post or own and you get leads? Drive traffic to your sales funnel for free and get more leads. Your customized pop up banner will be shown at the bottom of the page and will follow each individual who scrolls up or down or clicks on links, it will still be there until they exit out. Share high authority articles such as MSN, HuffingtonPost, NYTimes, NewsWeek, etc. You see, its these types of tricks that MLM doesn't teach you LOL! CLICK HERE to get Sniply for free. (Free + Paid)


Posting images and linking people to your "Facebook" is not the way to create income especially if you are using a platform like Instagram. Learn how to structure your profile and ways to generate more leads and sign ups. 10x your engagement and learn how to target your prospects through a strategy called... well... to get your Instagram FREE training. CLICK HERE AND WATCH NOW!


This tool comes in handy when you want to upload training or step by step tutorials. This will capture your screen and record. This also has the ability to record from your webcam so you can also be in the video. This editor is very easy to use and simple. If you plan to teach a whole team of how to market and duplicate the process. This is a must tool. We are mostly visual learners yeah? CLICK HERE TO GET SCREENFLOW!

MyLeadsSystemPro (MLSP)

Truth is Network Marketing MLM is a great business to create income BUT until you hop on social media (i.e. Internet Marketing) you end up getting lost. Don't know how to attract free leads? Don't know how to convert leads into new members or customers? MLSP is the platform that teaches you how to recruit like top income earners in this industry. The majority of these leaders you see online came from this platform. Get access to MLSP Now.


This is a great handy tool for your Chrome extension. Every time you start browsing, this screen tab pops up with new 'things to do'. This will help you stay organized and stay focused on what you need to complete on a daily basis. Everyday this extension has new HD wallpaper backgrounds that is amazing. No longer you are distracted by social media. This tab will remind you what you need to get done. GET MOMENTUM CHROME EXTENSION NOW!


If you are doing Solo Ads this is the tool you NEED. This tool tracks your clicks and conversions. This also tells you if the clicks are legit or not. When you are doing solo ads, you want the best traffic and clean traffic. This will help you find out what source is the cleanest and what sources are crap traffic. CLICK HERE TO GET CLICK MAGICK!