The Hottest Tips That Generates Leads Daily For Your Network Marketing Business!

2 ways to build your business on Facebook is:

  1. Free Marketing Methods
  2. Paid Marketing Methods

Free methods you can utilize video marketing, building your network, providing value in your marketing and building more connections with people on a daily basis. Video is very key to establish trust within your marketing. Promote yourself because at the end of the day, people invest into someone who they know, like and trust.


Paid methods you can utilize Facebook ads, this is the fastest way to generate more leads and sign ups for your business. Before you jump into paid ads, I recommend you implement an autoresponder, email marketing and capture page before you do this. If you do an ad without these things in place, you will lose leads! 



Here is the hottest strategy that people are using today in 2017 to create more income on Facebook below!

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