Overtime I realized why I was struggling in this industry. Since starting in 2007 I have come to a realization that what was being taught in my early days of Network Marketing wasn't as great as it seems. Would you rely on home meeting gatherings for lead generation or use the internet and use video marketing to its full advantage. I been through 3 companies and then I decided to hop online back in 2011 and entered the online world of Internet Marketing. 

​It wasn't the fact I was really poor and needed more money. I mean I was working a job when I was exposed to this industry in 2007.  I thought it was badass to work part time and build an income on the side selling products or recruiting more people. The fact that I failed at that is what drove me to be aware and concerned WHY I failed. What happened? Yes I wasn't very active at first, I didn't know how to talk to people or sell. The more questions I asked myself the more I dove into more marketing and to find out why I failed.

​The experience with Online Marketing was a mind blown experience. A better way to stand out and present yourself online with social media. I got paid more than when I was doing traditional Network Marketing and home parties. Would you cut your grass with scissors or would you take advantage of a lawn mower? Over the past years I've helped many newbie marketers find their way to create success and exposed to what hasn't been taught to them in the first place. 

Had quit years ago, I wouldn't have been exposed to strategies that builds a business 5x better than traditional home party businesses. The journey isn't all green grass you see. You will fail period. That is just business and the fact most people expect a dollar the first day (depending on your skillset) most will fail like I did years ago. 

Rise and Grind!

-Mitchell Welsh​