Hiring Coaches is the key to your financial freedom. Who has time in the day to even bother calling 50+ new members every day? This is not a call center job nor customer service. That is what “customer support” is for. To make it simple to your marketing and business. Get access to your coach to help your new members scale up and get them to become successful. 

It makes sense to call your new members IF you are recruiting 2 people per month (which is a slow way to make money) but if you are recruiting like a heavy hitter then it DOES makes sense to hire a coach to help your new members scale up. Step outside the box and think different further. Let the coaches handle the customer service and mentorship to your members.


7 figure earner coaches will help reach out to your new members when they sign up under you. This is the new way to build the business to the next level.

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