The ability to turn your marketing into an attraction based activity to produce more leads and business partners is using websites and apps to create customized photos. If you are tired of sharing other peoples photos and you want to create your own, here are sources you can use to start creating more images. Of course we all know Adobe Photoshop or other high level photo editing softwares but this is geared towards those who want to get on the fast start to marketing.



1 — Canva — Easy to use, drag and drop editing platform. Not only you can create custom images but also brand your profiles on social media from Youtube thumbnails, Youtube banners, Facebook cover photos, blogs, etc. Everyone knows Canva, the best free tool to use.

2 — PicMonkey — This tool is freakin awesome. The ability to create better images and customize it to your liking, similar to Canva, if you need something more advanced. PicMonkey is it. You can start your FREE trial for 7 days and two options for a paid membership of annually or monthly.

3 — BeFunky — This tool I use specifically for color correction on photo edits. Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Designer options. Want to have your images stand out, this is the tool to use. Basic options with FREE tools and PAID options for more advanced effects templates. Also this is an App to download too.

4 — Pixlr Editor — This is a handy tool similar to Photoshop softwares but this is more basic with a blend of advanced features. FREE to use, highly recommended on desktop. I usually use this tool for the eye dropper tool to get color codes or last minute editing that others don't have. Want a way to freely edit your photos, use Pixlr.

5 — Phonto (App) — This is a great tool to use when adding text over your images, great for quote images, etc. Want to screenshot your results in your business? use this tool to edit your photos, draw on your photos, etc. Dowload Phonto from your app store.

6 — Layout (App) — Layout app is a simple app to create collage like photos side by side, top by bottom photos. As simple as this app is, it does the job. I recently used this to compare which truck is the best between the two. Great way to spark engagement via social media. Download Layout from your app store.

7 — Typorama (App) — This is the most useful app if you are into positive quotes, motivation quote generator. Includes great backgrounds and text fonts to use for your branding quotes. Download Typorama from your app store.

8 — WordSwag (App) — Most highly used app upon marketers, this is also a great app to create stunning motivation quotes, positive quotes and mixed with a lot of text fonts to choose, also comes with a paid version. Download WordSwag from your app store.

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