Facebook is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. What you want is to set up your profile in a way where it is attractive to the eye of your prospect. If you are new to this business side of social media, here are some tips you can add to your marketing of 5 ways to get leads on Facebook.

1 — Prospecting Messaging — What more can we connect with other people than utilize the messaging option as a way to generate leads. It is hard to trust people online and to break that ice, you need to connect with people on a daily basis. Add new friends to your network and connect but don't spam them with your link for that is a HUGE turn off! What you want to do is conversate with them and ask questions. The one asking questions is the one in charge of the conversation. When to post your link you ask? During the conversation and when the time is right you can ask to link them to what you do only if they say Yes. Prospecting is a skill but a great powerful strategy to generate free leads.


2 — Live Videos — Social Media is getting so open to videos. Word has it that Facebook and Youtube are competing with each other. This strategy is what holds marketers back because lack of confidence. Not many people feel comfortable recording or doing live videos. What you have to understand is this is whats required upon your part. You cannot succeed in this industry if you are not doing videos. Name me 1 Entrepreneur who does not do videos on social media. Practice makes perfect. To get practice, stick with uploading videos for now. Record from your smartphone and do many takes as you like to get to the one you want. Doing this way will get you more practice and time to better yourself on camera. Regardless if you mumble, forget words, forgot a topic or screwed up on your video… its best you stop, record, repeat. Videos is what ATTRACTS people to you. 


3 — Facebook Ads — Now this strategy is on the next level up compared to the beginner marketer. Utilizing Facebook ads, their are different ways to go about it. What type of ad are you wanting to do? Video ad? Traffic ad? It will depend but what is required for this to work is getting a “Capture Page”. This page captures leads name and email when they opt in which then they are your lead for good. If you don't know where to get a capture page creator, just go right here. Video ads is a huge one as well, this is for the people who are comfortable on camera and ready to share value to his/her target audience. Facebook ads is a great way to generate leads when you know how to structure your funnel, target your audience and navigate within the Facebook ad dashboard. Ever wonder why Facebook has so much info on everyone? … Better demographic target audience. 


4 — Curiosity Posts — This is a skilled way of attracting leads to opt in or ask info for what you are doing. This is a strategy that you can do to get people to be interested and also to follow up with those people too. Most marketers are great at this method and it sure does pull in leads and sign ups. This strategy works well when you built your network daily. Ask and you shall receive!


5 — Attraction Marketing — This method is best known to the Internet Marketer of generating leads on social media. When you establish yourself as a brand and authority online who does Live videos and provides value to his/her target audience, leads are simple to generate to your business. This method can take a while to master because of time consuming on how you want your brand to be, what is your message and what your site will look and be like. To utilize attraction marketing I do recommend you get yourself a Blog. No blog online, you are homeless online. The ability to speak your brand name within your videos, blog, social media and posts is what attracts people to you. Want more strategies on how to structure Attraction Marketing? Get my FREE training series here.

I hope this helps and once you know how to market any business, you can take this skill and apply it in whatever it is you do. Regardless what company or product you promote. You can promote the best thing since slice bread but if you don't know how to market your product or business, your business is dead. Get access to my training that will go over methods like Attraction Marketing, Lead Generation, Blogging and Video Marketing below.

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